howto play on kidzzone network

Installing Minecraft: PE

First off, go to your device’s application store. So, for iOS users it’d be the App Store, and for Android users it would be the Google Play Store.
Now, find the search bar and type in “Minecraft: Pocket Edition”. Press on the app that comes up with that name and then press on the “Download” or “Install” button.
After you’ve installed Minecraft, press on the tools icon and find where it says “Name”, press on “Steve” and then enter your new username. Don’t make it something commonly used, as it may already be in use. Now press the “Back” button and on the home screen you are.

Adding KidzZone’s Servers

On the home screen, tap on “PLAY”, then on the “PLUS/ARROW” button. You’re ready to start adding our servers to your list!

server info

  • IP: - Port: 19132

  • Once you’ve entered the details of one our servers above, press on “Add Server”. After pressing “Add Server” you should be in the worlds/servers list area. Now, press on the KidzZone server you wish to play. Please note that Minecraft may take a couple of seconds to load any kinds of servers. Once you’re in the server, you’ll be at spawn point.


    Hooray, you made it into the server and you’re ready to start the registration/login process!
    Once you’re connected, you will receive a message saying “Please type your password in the chat to register!” If it says “Please login by typing your password in the chat.” That would mean that username is already registered either by you or someone else.
    To register do as follows:
    Type your new password in the chat, no, it will not be seen by other players. You’ll be asked to type your password again, this is to confirm it. - To login do as follows:
    Type your password in the chat, no, it will not be seen by other players. NOTE: If you are logging in again from the same device, you won’t be required to login again.

    Safety Tips

  • Never share your password, or give hints about it.
  • Only you and a parent/guardian should know your password.
  • Use strong and unique passwords.
  • Using passwords such as “123456”, or “abcdefg” can lead into impersonation or hacking. You really don’t want that.
  • Don’t get into fights, don’t swear, don’t be insulting.
  • These things can lead into a ban or a kick from the server!

  • We hope you enjoy KidzZone Network!